How Jacob Whitesides & Bea Miller Make Their Love Work While Touring the World

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Dating is tough for any teenager, but being in a relationship when you’re both separately touring the world is beyond difficult. Jacob Whitesides and Bea Miller know first hand what it’s like to not only be in love in the public eye, but also navigate the waters of romance while they’re in a new place every single day.

“It’s twice as hard,” Jacob told us about leaving for tour while his GF is on the road with Selena Gomez. “Whenever we’re both writing or working on our albums, it’s more routine. You know what the person’s doing for the most part. But whenever she’s on tour, or I’m on tour, or we’re both on tour, things change on a daily basis. There are different interviews or different times for the set… it’s really hard to communicate; that’s the hardest part.”

The musicians met four years ago while auditioning for The X-Factor, but didn’t start dating until spring 2015. Throughout the course of their year-long relaysh, Bea and Jacob have figured out ways to lessen the heartache of being separated.

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“We FaceTime all the time, and honestly communicate what we’re doing that day so there’s no [confusion],” he continued. “A lot of times if she tells me she’ll be available at a certain time of the day I’ll literally cancel my plans and sit in my apartment and FaceTime her. So, if plans change and she doesn’t tell me what she’s doing it can be stressful. The main thing is always communicate what we’re doing that day so we can utilize that time. Because even if we can’t see each other in real life it’s still very important to talk to each other about everything that’s going on. It’s kind of like therapy for both of us.”

But even though it’s clearly tough for the teens to be apart, the 18-year-old said the ups and the downs of the celeb dating world are huge inspirations for his music.

“[Bea] inspires tons of music I write. Half the record is about the positives and negatives that come from our relationship, the inconveniences and the great stuff.”

The record the brunette cutie is referring to is his debut full-length album, which he says is coming out in September. The CD’s first single is called “Lovesick,” and while he “couldn’t necessarily relate to the [entire] story of the song so much,” he “really tried to dive in… to the feelings and struggle of getting into a massive fight with your girlfriend and trying to apologize and it not going so well.”

Jacob just kicked off his headlining tour in Washington D.C., where he’s playing both new songs from the upcoming album and old faves.

“I’m going to be playing some new music from the new album that’s not released yet. There are a couple of moments that we set up that are really stripped down. There’s not a lot of tracks or anything, and we come and do some stripped down versions of songs they already know; we’ve been learning some Maroon 5 and we’re doing a The Weeknd cover. And then I do an acoustic part of the show every night where I make up which cover I want to do right before the show, so that’ll be fun.”

Heck yes! If you want to catch Jacob on tour, you can check out the full list of dates and buy tickets here!

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