13 Y.O. Viner Pressures Fan to Send Nude Pics, Even After She Says No Repeatedly

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Why is sexual harassment a trend in the Vine community? We all remember the time Carter Reynolds tried to force his underage girlfriend Maggie Lindemann to perform oral sex even after she said no, and now yet ANOTHER Viner is under fire for pressuring a girl against her will.

Jacob Sartorius recently rose to fame thanks to his connection to Magcon, but now he’s making headlines for another reason. The 13-year-old boy was messaging back and forth with a fan trying to get her to send him naked pictures of herself, and even though she kept saying no and that she was uncomfortable, he kept pushing. When she told him she wasn’t going to do it, he said he was going to get “mad” and “annoyed,” and if she did send them he’d give her “more attention.” Although the interaction happened back in January, the screenshots of the disgusting incident are just now circulating on the Internet.




When Jacob’s fans first saw these images, many of them assumed they were Photoshopped. But to squash that theory, the girl who was being harassed took a video of herself clicking on the messages on Facebook in real time to prove that they were, in fact, really from the teen.

How many times do we have to scream it to the universe — NO DOES NOT MEAN MAYBE; NO MEANS NO ALL. THE. TIME!


Sure these Viners may seem cool in their videos, but they’re TOTAL d-bags IRL: