Deleted Proof That 1 of Your Fave Viners Was Kicked Out of Vine’s Biggest Crew

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The MAGCON boys may call each other ‘brother’ on the regular, but it seems that one of the newest additions to the Vine troop no longer has ‘family’ status. As many fans of the Viners know, there’s basically always drama between the old members of MAGCON and the new ones. But the latest crisis involves the crew’s current affiliates and is (apparently) so serious that one of them has been kicked out.

Cameron Dallas found himself at the center of tons of rumors that said he kicked both Carter Reynolds and Jacob Sartorius off the MAGCON tour. Because fans were freaking out over this news, both Cam and Carter decided to set the record straight — there was no drama going on between them and they were both still happily a part of MAGCON.

But wait a second… why didn’t either of the boys mention the Jacob rumors? And what the heck did Carter mean by “anyone that left was because they made that decision themselves?!” Apparently, the story about the 13-year-old cutie leaving the group could actually be true…

Fans’ suspicions about Jacob were further confirmed when they realized that both Cameron and the official MAGCON Twitter account unfollowed the younger boy on social media.

And because he couldn’t just bite his young, OG MAGCON guy Taylor Caniff decided to chime in, pressuring Jacob to tell people the truth.


The 19-year-old Viner eventually deleted that shady tweet and replaced it with a much more ~inspirational~ note.

While Taylor seems to be optomistic that whatever happened between the boys and Jacob can be worked out, it doesn’t look like they’re ready to fully forgive him quite yet. The 13 year old has been removed from MAGCON’s official website and it doesn’t look like he’ll be attending any upcoming tour dates.


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