“Fan” Assaults 13 Y.O. Internet Star at Meet & Greet and Films the Entire Thing

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Jacob Sartorius has recently been receiving tons of hate for allegedly pressuring a girl to send him naked pictures of herself. But even though many people don’t necessarily like the the 13-year-old Internet sensation right now, tons are defending him after a “fan” assaulted him at a meet and greet and posted the whole thing online.

A girl named Claudia Erazo recently met the “Sweatshirt” singer, and like most people would, asked him for a picture. Jacob complied and moved in to take a selfie with the brunette. Just as he was about to get into his signature peace-sign pose, the quote-unquote supporter threw her hand up and slapped him hard on the back of his neck. Claudia immediately ran away laughing, but you can hear the teen moaning, “owwwwww,” in the background. Oh, and did we mention she was filming this entire attack? And that she uploaded it to her now-private Twitter page? Yeah… that happened.

After the vid started circulating on social media, people immediately began to defend the Magcon boy, even if they didn’t necessarily like him personally.

In addition to fans being ENRAGED that this girl had the audacity to physically hurt a stranger, fellow online sensation Madison Beer shared her opinion on the incident, too.

Claudia has since deleted the tweets containing the attack video and made all of her social media accounts private, but you know what they say — what happens on the Internet never goes away.


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