The 13 Y.O. Viner You Thought Asked for Nudes May Not Actually Be a Pervert

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Vine star Jacob Sartorius joined the ranks of resident d-bag Carter Reynolds after a fan leaked messages of the 13-year-old pressuring her to send him nudes, even after she said no multiple times. “This rape culture on Vine is out of control and they are mostly teens,” one of our readers said on Facebook. “And they are getting away with it! I’m disgusted by all this.” But while many people were absolutely appalled with the youngster’s actions, apparently the allegations were completely untrue.

“Jacob did not have a Facebook account at the time the messages were sent to a fan,” the Vine star’s rep told J-14.

You may be wondering how this is possible, as the girl took a video clicking on the messages and leading her to his page. Well according to Jacob’s team, the fan was actually messaging an impostor and the “Sweatshirt” singer didn’t even make an account until March 28, 2016, two months after the conversation happened.

But we’re a bit confused. After re-watching the video, you can tell that the person Aly was messaging had over 370,000 likes and was considered a ‘public figure’ on Facebook. Check it our for yourselves:

So… maybe there was someone pretending to be Jacob and when he created his official page he simply took over the account? We’re not sure, but something definitely seems a bit sketchy here…


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