Now Jacob Sartorius is Chiming in on the Drama Surrounding Baby Ariel

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You gotta love the world of musical.ly. After a crazy 24 hours, filled with EIGHT different Musers — Baby Ariel, Blake Gray, Daniel Veda, Bryce Hall, Kevie Kev, Devin Gordon, Arii AND Zach Clayton — going at it on various forms of social media, the biggest musical.ly star of ’em all is now chiming in, ready to get in on the action. And that Muser is none other than Jacob Sartorius.

It all started when The Bomb Digz‘s Daniel posted this Instagram of himself with Baby Ariel:

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The caption reads, “when u want her to be your [baby emoji] but u know u can’t have her.”

The problem is that she’s dating Blake, so neither Ariel nor Blake were happy with Dan’s post. So, they both took to their own Instagram accounts, posting different pictures of themselves from the same day. Blake’s caption reads, “alllllll mine.”

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Then sh*t hit the fan, with all the other aforementioned social media stars hopping onto the drama train. It’s almost as if Jacob was the only Muser NOT ready to rumble. But, don’t worry, it didn’t take long for him to come around. Underneath Daniel’s picture, you can now find this comment left by the 14-year-old rising musician:

Jacob Sartorius Rock on Emoji

JS posted the sign of the horns emoji four times. We’re not sure why, definitively, but he’s telling someone to “rock on.” Considering how much he wants and needs a girlfriend of his own, perhaps he’s pushing Daniel to go after what he wants, which you KNOW Dan is ready to do. He said so himself amidst the drama:

Blake and Ariel met because of musical.ly, but these couples started dating thanks to YouTube: