Millie Bobby Brown Deletes All Pics After Jacob Sartorius Allegedly Cheats

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First Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian and now Jacob Sartorius has allegedly proven to be unfaithful, too — WTF is going on in the world of celebrities?! The 15-year-old is in a relationship with Millie Bobby Brown, but that didn’t stop him from allegedly asking a girl to send him nude pictures of herself on Snapchat.

A Twitter user by the name of rafaruls was the first one to say anything about this, telling a story about how JS apparently met her friend while he was in London and asked her to send him “full nudes.”

But the person later came online and said she made the entire story up for “media attention and more followers.”

So, case closed, right? Ehhh, not quite. Shortly after these tweets surfaced, videos of alleged incriminating Snapchats Jacob sent started to come out.

And that’s not all. Jacob allegedly also asked “By Your Side” music video co-star Morgan Cryer to send him nudes in the past.

The blonde later took to Insta to let her followers know that she had been hacked and apologize for making a “private situation…public.”

After these Snapchats were exposed, the Stranger Things star deleted all the photos she had with him on Instagram. Some people say she unfollowed him, too, but as of right now it appears that he’s still on her following list.

Neither Millie nor Jacob have commented on the cheating allegations, or confirmed the fact that they actually broke up. The teens are both super open with their fans so we’re sure we’ll know the truth sooner or later.