6 Celebrities Who Jacob Sartorius Admitted to Having a Crush On

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It has been a while since musical.ly star-turned-singer Jacob Sartorius has made headlines, but recently everyone has been trying to figure out exactly what’s going on his love life. It’s no secret that Jacob really hates being single, so much so that we have a whole post dedicated to how many times he tweeted about needing a girlfriend.

For someone who is usually vocal about if he has a crush on someone and has a song dedicated to letting a girl you like borrow your sweatshirt, we were surprised to see that fans are still wondering if he is as single as he claims to be. He has now posted not one but TWO photos on Instagram with Nickelodeon star Jenna Ortega from Stuck in the Middle. Posting a photo with someone and using the heart emoji is basically confirmation, and we totally approve the adorable relationship.

As much ~drama~ as the singer/rapper may be involved in, he has definitely used his platform on social media to expand on his career and become successful as a solo artist. His star power is only increasing with over a million followers on Twitter and his new headlining tour.

Although he may be getting more famous by the minute, that doesn’t mean he’s not like every other 14-year-old 15-year-old (as of today!) boy. Like everyone, Jacob has his fair share of celebrity crushes, and he is pretty vocal about them, too. Although he often says that he would totally be down to date a fan, he talks about wanting to date Selena Gomez way more.

It can be hard to keep track of who Jacob has admitted to crushing on; for a newly-minuted 15-Y.O., he has a pretty extensive list of rumored girlfriends! We searched through all of his interviews, live-streams and tweets to see which big-name celebs that the birthday boy has a serious crush on: