Ugh, So Sad. Jacob Sartorius Admits to Being Bullied A LOT in Middle School

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Jacob Sartorius is the most popular guy on musical.ly. (Don’t even try to fight us on that. Lisa and Lena & Baby Ariel are the most popular ladies, but Jacob is Numero Uno for the dudes.) After making his debut on Vine (R.I.P.) in 2011, the now-15-year-old star skyrocketed to social-media stardom, courtesy of the music-driven app. Now, he’s using that popularity to launch a legit music career. Well played, JS.

Unfortunately, just because Jacob (real name Rolf) is uber popular online doesn’t mean he’s had it easy when he’s not in front of a screen.

In an interview with RAW, the “Sweatshirt” singer admits to being teased back in middle school. “When I was in 7th grade, and I was bullied a lot,” he says. “People were saying rude things to me.”

jacob sartorius bullied

Kai. Z Feng for RAW

“I wasn’t really in a dark place because I tried to act like it didn’t get to me but deep down,” he continues, “of course it did. What really helped me the most was being able to go online and read all the nice stuff that people were saying. There’s more love than hate on my comments. And you know, I focused on the positive ones and it meant the world to me.”

His advice: “If you’re stuck in a tunnel, you’ll see the freaking end of it. It’s great. And then when you’re on those high moments, you’ll just be so much stronger than you were before. Feels good, you know?”

Though the young star seems to be mastering his life in the spotlight, he still feels the pressure. “It’s crazy,” he says. “You’re throwing in a normal kid into the spotlight and expect them to be perfect. Everything that people have done in the past gets put under a microscope, you know? Everyone’s human so I’m gonna make mistakes and other people have made mistakes. I don’t think people can be perfect, but I’m just gonna try to be myself and stay humble. Keep my family close.”

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