Welp, at Least 1 Part of Jacob Sartorius’ Alleged Brother’s Story is Actually True

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When Kaylor Keeling claimed that Internet sensation Jacob Sartorius was his long-lost brother who was actually adopted when he was younger, no one knew what to believe. Sure, the teen made some convincing points, but the jury was definitely still out — could the 13-year-old Muser really have a secret life he never told anyone about?

While we’re not sure if Kaylor’s tale about being the “Sweatshirt” singer’s sibling is true, Jacob has confirmed half of his “brother’s” story — he is, in fact, adopted.

“I have something to tell you guys that I think will make us all closer and allow you to get to know me better,” he said. “Although I grew up in Virginia like most of you know, I was actually born in Oklahoma. At the time, my birth parents weren’t able to take care of me, so they made a plan for be to be adopted. Luckily for me, I was blessed to be adopted by two of the most amazing parents in the world, my mom and my dad.”

But even though Jacob’s reveal seems to have come at a very coincidental time, he says “being adopted is something that [he’s] never tried to hide or keep a secret” and his “friends and family have known all this” for quite some time now.

The teen never mentions his alleged brother, or the rumors about his ‘secret family’ in the video.

We give Jacob credit for sharing his story, as it couldn’t be easy to come and spill his secrets in front of millions.

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