YouTube Star Comes Out as Gay with Help from Famous Sibling

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Instagram (@jacobcruik)

Instagram (@jacobcruik)

Troye Sivan helped one of his fans come out as bisexual during a concert last March, and now another YouTube star assisted someone’s coming-out journey. Jacob Cruikshank, the younger brother of Lucas, the openly gay star who created Fred Figglehorn, came out as gay last week after getting his wisdom teeth removed. While the 15-year-old opened up about his sexuality to his mom, younger brother, AND Snapchat followers, many questioned if the whole thing was a joke that only occurred because he was still loopy from the medication. That’s where Lucas stepped in.

Yesterday, the 23-year-old posted a video called “my brother’s gay too?” where he and the teen sit down and chat about commonly asked questions and confirm that Jacob really is homosexual.

“Jacob told me he was gay a long time ago, but he just told our family last week,” the former Nickelodeon star explained. “Everyone in the family already knew [he] is gay, [though].”

While many people post emotional coming-out videos, the Cruikshank brothers’ upload was super lighthearted and funny — sexuality shouldn’t be a big deal, people! Check out the full vid here:

Three cheers for self-acceptance and self-love!

Lucas is just one celebrity who dated girls before he came out as gay: