Divorce Rumors Fly After Jaclyn Hill Unfollows Husband Jon on Instagram

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Jaclyn Hill‘s relationship with her husband, Jon, is seemingly perfect, but that’s actually not the case. The couple got married back in August 2009 and has been through a ton of stuff together, including addiction, money problems, separation, etc. No matter what, though, the 27- and 29-year-olds have always stuck together.

But sadly, fans have noticed that something is up with the pair for several weeks now, as they’ve both been relatively quiet on social media and haven’t posted a picture together since November. The beauty guru has also been quite M.I.A. from YouTube recently, causing Hillsters to question WTF is going on. The questions got so intense that Jaclyn had to post a response on Twitter.

“I’m sorry that I’ve been so absent recently,” she wrote last week. “It’s [sic] kills me not being able to talk to you openly about my life. But I need this moment to myself & I will be back soon. I promise all your questions will soon be answered!”

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People tried not to go to ahead of themselves following the update, but then they noticed that Jac and Jon unfollowed each other on Instagram and sh*t started hitting the fan. Many people took this as ~confirmation~ that the longtime couple have separated and a divorce is on the horizon.

Whatever is going on in Jaclyn’s life is obviously incredibly difficult, as it is affecting her work. Someone called her out on this and she apologized and admitted that she never expected that her “personal life would overtake [her] life this.”

Everything is purely speculation at this point, but we wish nothing but the best for both Jaclyn and John and hope everything is clarified soon.