A Musician Has Been Battling Cancer for Months and You Had No Idea

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When Jaclyn “Jax” Miskanic competed on season 14 of American Idol, she was just a normal teenager from New Jersey. After she placed third on the show, however, her life quickly changed. And while the stress of suddenly becoming famous was understandable, the 20-year-old knew something was off.

“The work, pressure, and travel in music is not always so forgiving on the mind and heart,” she wrote on Facebook. “It absolutely takes its toll on your body and on your well-being in general. Sometimes I think the universe is yelling at me to slow down and I just blatantly ignore it. I have always been obsessed with my job and craft, so stopping and breathing isn’t easy for me. However, my health has to come first. I understand that now. Recently my family and I were given a serious wake up call…”

Back in April, the singer felt a “small lump” on her throat and decided to get it checked out. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease and the doctors found 18 small tumors on her thyroid that they wanted to biopsy. Unfortunately, that is when the news came.

“I went into the hospital for a biopsy on the tumors, performed my show at Webster Hall, and got a call from the hospital a few days later. It turned out that 12 out of the 18 tumors tested positive for cancer. My thyroid needed to be surgically removed fully immediately… After they took out my thyroid, I have been undergoing radiation treatment in NY. Yes. I’m basically a radioactive spider. It took a lot for my family to toughen up and go through this with me. It was very unexpected. When you’re 20 years old, you have this Superman entitlement mentality. Like you’re indestructible…And sometimes all it takes is God telling you it’s time to take a break for you to understand that you are most certainly not.”

Although the blonde is open about her illness now, she didn’t always want to share so many details.

“I didn’t want to publicize what I was going through but my team and family insisted that it was something I should share with the people that have stuck by me all this time. I know I have been totally MIA for a few months and I do owe you guys an explanation. You have been with me through thick and thin. I know I shouldn’t have anything to be nervous about…But I’m a total insomniac and professional over-thinker/crazy person so this is hard for me either way.”

Fortunately, Jax’s “doctors are very optimistic about a full recovery” and she knows that “things could always be worse.”

We are thinking of the musician at this tough time and wishing her an easy and fast recovery.


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