Famed YouTube Beauty Guru Sued for Fraud… by Her Former Friend!

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Another day, another piece of crappy YouTube news. The same week a YouTuber avoided jail time, despite forcing underage kids to perform sex acts, and a gamer was evicted from his home for the most homophobic (and untrue) reason, word got out about a lawsuit filed against one of the site’s well-known beauty gurus, Jaclyn Hill (a.k.a. Jaclynhill1).

According to multiple reports, the 25-year-old professional makeup artist is being sued by former friend Mathew Chase Gilbert for the following:

COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT — He maintains he owns the rights to JH’s company logo and other work he did for her.
FRAUD IN THE INDUCEMENT — Tricking him into signing that paper by telling him it was something else than a Work For Hire.
FRAUDULENT MISREPRESENTATION — Presenting the paper as something else.
UNJUST ENRICHMENT — Making money while using the logo he designed.

After a fan of the YouTube phenomenon tweeted, “I wanna punch whoever is suing my girl,” the beauty and fashion blogger responded, “It’s extremely devastating, but they are not facts. They are allegations and I have proof they are lies.”

The amount of compensation MCG is asking for is currently undisclosed, but the public will hopefully learn more after the upcoming hearing on June 28.
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