Fans Think Jaclyn Hill Has New BF After She Admits She’s “Falling in Love”

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There was speculation for months, but Jaclyn and Jon Hill finally confirmed their divorce in May 2018. While the YouTube beauty guru said her “heart is broken” by the split, she “still believe[s] in love…” and it looks like she found it once again!

Fans are speculating that the 28-year-old has a new boyfriend after she posted a tweet about “falling in love.”

“Falling in love is the most incredible & terrifying feeling all at once,” she wrote on July 27.

Someone then asked if “we [should] be looking forward to a boyfriend tag” on her channel soon, and while she didn’t necessarily deny it, she did say she plans to keep her love life more private this time around.

While Jaclyn and Jon announced their divorce less than three months ago, no one really knows when the pair started to have its issues. That being said, the makeup artist assures people that she’s “had plenty of time” alone and alludes that she’s ready to be in a new relationship.

Whatever the case, Jac seems super happy right now and that’s all that matters! We’re sure she’ll introduce us to her new man eventually but, if not, that’s totally up to her.