Jaclyn Hill Created a Brush Collection with Morphe & We’re PUMPED!

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Get excited beauty gurus, because from the looks of it, YouTube influencer Jaclyn Hill and beauty brand Morphe are dropping yet another collaboration!

The makeup artist took to Instagram a few days ago to tease what’s on the way, and although the first image that was shared was just a silhouette of Jac, it was pretty darn clear what the launch was going to be — makeup brushes!

Get ready! 8.28.18 #morphexjaclynhill

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That’s right, you guys! The new collection from JH is coming on August 28 and will include a brush set designed specifically by the 28-year-old.

Jac wrote on Instagram, “I can’t believe I am finally announcing this!!! We have been working on this for years!”

TBH, this collaboration makes total sense. Jaclyn and Morphe have worked together numerous times in the past and the brand is known for its affordable-yet-incredible makeup brushes. Based on what they’ve teased so far, it seems like the collection will include a wide range of brushes, including those that can be used on your face and your eyes, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. We can’t wait!!