Jaclyn Hill Denies Cheating on Ex-Husband Jon Hill Before Divorce

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Jaclyn Hill seemingly implied that ex-husband Jon Hill cheated on her shortly before she officially announced their divorce, but she is now the one who has to defend herself from infidelity rumors.

Ever since the couple separated a few months ago, fans have been trying to figure out one thing — why. The YouTube star and her musician ex seemed so perfect together for so long and and split basically came out of nowhere. And when a shocking breakup happens, people try their hardest to make sense of things, which usually means they jump to the conclusion that cheating played a factor.

“I am disgusted by the people who are trying to create drama, make up lies & dig for dirt in Jon and I’s personal lives,” the 27-year-old tweeted last night. “I understand judging my makeup, creative ability, lack of content, etc. but this is too far! Jon & I should not have to explain ourselves to social media.”

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But even though she says she doesn’t have to explain herself or her relationship, she did make sure to set the record straight about if she was unfaithful to the 29-year-old during their marriage.

She continued, “And for the record… no, I did not cheat on Jon at the end of the day, nobody on social media knows the full truth. And that’s because it’s nobodies business. Please stop trying to dig up sh*t to carry this on when him & I are both moving on.”

The beauty guru has said multiple times that she and Jon are still best friends and want nothing but the best for each other, and we somehow think that might be a little different if cheating was involved.