YouTubers Jacksepticeye And Wiishu Break Up After Three Years Together

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We’ve got sad news coming out of the YouTube world today, fam. After three beautiful years together, gamer Jacksepticeye and his influencer GF, Wiishu, announced that they secretly decided to break up several months ago.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the couple, allow us to fill you in. According to wetheunicorns.com, Jacksepticeye (a.k.a. Sean McLoughlin) and Wiishu (a.k.a. Signe Hansen) first met on Tumblr. Apparently, the 28-year-old wanted to use the 23-year-old’s art for one of his video thumbnails, and that was what kicked off their three-year romance.

While it’s unclear at the moment what exactly went wrong, both of them took to their personal Twitter accounts yesterday to officially announce the split and to request that fans respect their privacy during this difficult time.

Jack wrote, “It’s hard for me to say this but a couple of months ago Signe and I went our separate ways.”

He didn’t divulge much information, but he did allude to the fact that they simply grew apart.

Signe shared similar sentiments, explaining to fans that while they’ve been broken up for quite some time now, she couldn’t address it because “it hurts a lot to leave someone you love.” She also said that she’s seen a lot of rumors that have been floating around regarding their breakup, and that a lot of the blame is unfairly being placed on her. Understandably, she requested that fans support their decision to call it quits, and she also said that she will try to power through the heartbreak so that she can continue creating compelling content.

Now that the former YouTube couple has officially addressed the split themselves, fans of both Jack and Signe have sent loving and supportive messages their way.

How sweet! Whatever the future holds for the Internet stars, we hope that they find happiness again and that they continue to create the amazing content that we know and love them for.