YouTuber Jack Jones Apologizes for Screaming Racist & Homophobic Slurs

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YouTube prankster Jack Jones always takes his stunts to the extreme, all in hopes of getting the most views online. What he probably did NOT expect to see floating around the Internet, however, was a video of him screaming racist and homophobic comments at a stranger on a London street. A girl caught the severely concerning incident on Snapchat and subsequently posted the video on Twitter.

The 24-year-old can be heard yelling, “Go back to your own country and shut the f*ck up you f****t. I’ll knock the f*ck out of you. You have no money.”

Here’s the video, but we have to warn you the language is very strong:

Jack spoke to Metro.co.uk in the wake of the video’s release and explained what happened leading up to his outburst.

He said, “I was out with my friends walking down the street when a group of Russian men barged me and my friends and said, ‘What you going to do about you English scum?!’ They started being racist to my friend, so I got involved stupidly.”

The YouTuber continued, saying he “was really upset” by the group’s comment, which ultimately caused him to “[lash] out with a very poor choice of words.”

“I don’t condone racism in any form and those that know me know that I’m not homophobic in any way,” he finished. “I’m truly sorry if I offended anyone with my choice of words. Perhaps I should [have] just walked away.”


Jack has not yet said anything about his disgraceful actions on social media, but he DID find time to write a lovely little note (are you catching the sarcasm here?).