Internet Star Appropriated Black Culture…and He Doesn’t Give a F*ck!

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Jack Johnson is really doing the most on his Mexican getaway. Not only did he ~reveal~ his new girlfriend while on the trip, but he also delved into the world of cultural appropriation. #KEWL

The 21-year-old pulled an Emeraude Toubia and decided to get his hair braided into cornrows, “an ancient traditional African hairstyle,” on the vacation. At this point, you’d THINK white celebrities would understand it’s not okay to shamelessly promote ‘dos that often get People of Color discriminated for wearing, but alas — they obviously do not.

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Fans were quick to call out the Jack and Jack guy for his effed-up, racist move.

Sure, they were mad that he wore the hairdo in the first place, but they were even more upset that he seemingly had no remorse for doing so and actually ~trolled~ those who called him out.

So…yeah. We’re sure Jack didn’t intend to offend people, but a simple apology goes a long way.

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