Internet Star’s Romance Accidentally Exposed — by His Best Friend!

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Just because the saying ‘accidents happen‘ is a common one doesn’t mean making a mistake feels good. Right now, we’d be willing to bet money that Vine star Sammy Wilkinson feels pretty darn icky, because it’s looking like he exposed his best friend, Jack Johnson‘s, new relationship!

Sam is currently in Mexico celebrating the Jack & Jack guy’s birthday with his girlfriend, Jack Gilinsky, Madison Beer and Nico DeCastris, and obviously has been Snapchatting the whole vacay. He apparently got a little too lenient with his camera, however, because he posted a video that allegedly shows Jack kissing Internet star Claudia Tihan in the background.

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While Stassie Karanikolao‘s head is blocking the actual lip lock, you can clearly see that the 21-year-old rapper leans in for what looks like a smooch. Needless to say, fans are pretty sure Jack and Claudia are, in fact, a thing, and want him to just admit it already.

Who knows what’s actually going on between CT and JJ, but you know what they say — the proof is in the pudding! Sometimes, it’s easier to just come clean!

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