What a Nickelodeon Actor Learned from Ending a Long-Term Relationship

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Jack Griffo and his The Thundermans co-star Ryan Newman were basically #RelationshipGoals until their unexpected split last summer. While all breakups can be difficult and emotional, the 20-year-old at least came out of his first big breakup with a positive outlook.

Life is all about learning experiences, according to Jack, and his relationship that lasted three years was just one of them. In fact, the dark-haired cutie can even admit some of the mistakes he made as a young teen in love.

“When people are dating and start just being with that person and not being with their friends… you start to find identity in one another That’s something that everyone struggles with at a certain point. It’s a normal thing; it’s a young thing,” he told us during a recent interview. “You need your own stuff going on. You need stuff separate from that person [and] that person can’t be the only thing in your life that drives you and makes you get up in the morning because that’s when you find identity in that person and that’s what makes for a really bad breakup because it’s all going to go to ashes, you know? And if you don’t have anything else, you’re like, ‘Damn, well, I’ve lost everything.'”

That’s some A+ advice and it looks like he’ll be taking it with him into future relationships.

“I learned a lot in my last relationship and… I’m at a place now that I feel like I know what are the things I want in a relationship. I’m 20 now and I was in a relationship from 15 to 19, so I’m in a totally different place and I think that’s good. Learning, you know, it’s all part of growing up and I definitely learned a lot. I think I will treat my future relationships differently.”

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Of course romance isn’t the only interesting thing happening in Jack’s life RN. His new movie with AJ Michalka was recently released to DVD. The Nick star plays Sebastian, a boy who has been blind since birth, something he really had to work at before nailing the role.

“It was a thing I’d never done before. I definitely spent a lot of time with the script. I always start with the script and then I take everything out of the script that I can for my character. But with this, there was that extra added thing that [Sebastian] couldn’t see anything for his whole life. It’s pretty interesting. People like that, all of their senses are extremely heightened. I did some research on being blind and people going blind versus those who have been blind since birth. [I watched] a lot of YouTube videos and stuff like that.”

Jack revealed that he used a blindfold and some spray-painted glasses to do method acting to prepare properly.

Apple of My Eye isn’t the only acting project that JG has been working on, tough — Season 4 of The Thundermans is back on Nickelodeon after a brief hiatus and he’s is excited for fans to finally see Max participate in the long-awaited superhero competition.

“There is that episode actually, we already shot it, where the Z-Force competition happens and it’s very exciting! I’m excited for everyone to see it but that’s at the end of the season and leading up you’ll see us training a lot for that.”

Apple of My Eye is available now and new episodes of The Thundermans air Saturday nights at 8pm ET on Nick!

Here are some other fun facts that we learned about Jack during his first interview with Teen.com: