Jack Gilinsky Says Being with Madison Beer Made Him Want to Kill Himself

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It’s been just about a week since audio footage of Jack Gilinsky verbally abusing and slut-shaming his ex-girlfriend, Madison Beer, leaked online. Both the Jack & Jack guy and the “Dead” singer have spoken out about the fight that had the 20-year-old calling the 18-year-old “a f*cking slut” over and over again, but the drama is definitely not over.

The former Vine star has taken break from social media since he apologized for his past actions, but he returned earlier today and started posting some weird AF stuff. One tweet was particularly disturbing, especially considering what just happened between him and Justin Bieber‘s protégé.

Twitter (@jackgilinksy)

Twitter (@jackgilinksy)

What the actual eff. Upon further investigation, we can pretty confidently say that Jack was hacked and he was NOT the one who said Madison made him want to commit suicide. At the time of posting, the tweet has not yet been deleted and is probably confusing a lot of people. Remember when someone got access to Britt Robertson‘s Instagram account and wrote that she and Dylan O’Brien got engaged? Sh*t hit the freakin’ fan, even though it turned out to be fake.

HACKERS ARE THE ACTUAL WORST!! Hopefully Jack can regain control of his social media page soon, because suicide should be taken seriously and is never something to joke about.

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