Some People Think They Spotted Jack Gilinsky with Madison Beer Last Night

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The relationship between Jack Gilinsky & Madison Beer ended in the worst way possible. After two years of dating, on and off, the attractive pair called it quits not too long before an audio recording of the 20-year-old Jack & Jack crooner verbally abusing the 18-year-old “Dead” singer leaked for all the world to hear.

In the weeks that followed, more shocking details were released: Madison’s mom defended him; his best friend, Jack Johnson, claimed that she abused Jack G, too (so the Internet found her just as guilty); Madison supposedly moved on with Brooklyn Beckham (though, she denied it)… You guys, all of that was in the span of a month. ONE. MONTH.

But it’s August now; a brand-new month, so all of that drama should be in the past, back in July, right? Well… maybe not.

According to TMZ, in a post dubbed “Madison Beer Out with Jack Gilinsky After Leaked Verbal Abuse Audio,” “Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky are still hanging out.” There was even video footage to accompany the editorial in which you could clearly see the “2 Cigarettes” musician with a dark-haired… someone, out and about.

However, there are a few things you should take note of: 1. In the video (which has since been deleted) accompanying the editorial (which has since been taken down), you never see the brunette’s face; just Jack’s. 2. If the pair was supposedly seen at Avenue in Hollywood, California yesterday, then why were her Snapchats from last night geotagged in Boston, Massachusetts, and then in Toronto, Canada, like some sleuths are reporting?

To be perfectly honest, we think the TMZ peeps must’ve thought the mystery brunette with Jack was Madison (because, obviously, she’s the only person in the world with dark hair), and couldn’t wait to tell everyone… but they were probably wrong, so they were forced to take everything down. Merp.
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