Vine Star Arrested for Doing the Dumbest Thing Ever, & it Was All Caught on Camera

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Vine stars aren’t known for making the smartest decisions, but this one has to take the cake. Jack Johnson, one half of the musical duo Jack & Jack, was arrested in an airport this morning because he — wait for it — stole a sweatshirt. And like any good friend, his bestie Jack Johnson Snapchatted the whole thing.

You may be thinking — ummm, why the eff would the 20-year-old steal a sweatshirt when he can obviously afford to pay for it? Well, according to JJ, the theft was a “complete accident” and JG even offered the store owner money for his mistake. But despite his attempts to apologize, the police still decided to take him to jail.

Even though the blonde made the scary situation a joke, in the end he obviously knows how serious this really is, and quickly made his way to the LA jail where the brunette is being held to bail him out.

The whole incident is pretty ridic, if you ask us, and Jack’s fellow Viners obviously agree.

Yikes. Do you think Jack deserved to be arrested? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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