The One Popular AF Video This YouTuber Actually Wants to Redo

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YouTubers are all the rage these days, and it seems like the video site has become THE place for young people to gain popularity; case and point, Jack Baran, who proves YT is the way to go to get your name out there. Five years ago, the now-19-year-old star started uploading his own music videos for popular songs of the time. Today, his channel (thatsojack) has over 1.4 million subscribers — and there’s good reason why! Sure, anyone can post what they THINK will be an entertaining video, but in order to gain traction and accumulate millions of views, you need to have that extra oomph — and Jack definitely does! In fact, his hilarious vids give us LIFE.

Despite Jack’s massive success, he admits that he gets insanely embarrassed by his older videos. In some of his reaction vids uploaded online, fans can see that Jack is legit horrified by his younger self. “I get embarrassed by things I did last week, so I won’t be surprised when I cringe at my current videos in a few years,” he told us.

Even though online sensation admits to feeling this way, he has learned to embrace the person he once was. “I’ve learned to own whoever you are in the moment but don’t lose sight of where you want to be, and if you’re embarrassed by your old self then you’ve improved in some way.”

And while Jack pokes fun at his old videos, there is one in particular that he’d love to redo if he had the chance.”I would love to remake a video I made a while back called Common White Girl,” he revealed. For those unfamiliar, Jack was once the owner of the hilarious (and totally relatable) Twitter account @CommonWhiteGirl. The page became so popular that the teen was “inspired to make sketch videos that brought the tweets to life.”

This vid currently has over 200,000 viewers, so yeah, Jack’s kind of a big deal. “These videos were so much fun to make with my best friends from high school mostly because they consisted of us making jokes out of ourselves, and yes everyone in our school saw,” he added.

Given the success of his first “Common White Girl” video, Jack decided to give the fans more of what they wanted. He later collaborated with his fellow YouTubers (like LOHANTHONY, Alexa Losey, and Jenn McAllister) to give ’em even more hilarious content.

For fans who dream of becoming YouTube famous, Jack has some helpful advice. According to him, all you really need is some consistency and friends who are willing to collaborate.

“Being consistent is very important when building an audience. I’ve made weekly videos for years now. Collaborating is also helpful in gaining exposure faster. Find creators at the same skill level as you who can match your ideas and work on something together!”

Be sure to subscribe to Jack’s YouTube channel and follow him on twitter! And if there’s a particular YouTuber you’d love to see him collaborate with, feel free to tweet him your suggestions!

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