14 Stars Who Appeared on Logan Lerman’s TV Show Before Making It Big

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Jack & Bobby was a short-lived series on The WB, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t jam packed with guest stars. Even though this political flashback style show was only on air for one season, it was full of celebrities who have gone on to be BIG stars. If you don’t remember this faux documentary series, don’t worry we’ll refresh your memory. The show was all about Bobby McCallister, who was President of the United States and his older brother Jack McCallister.

Throughout the show it there are flashbacks, which is really the basis of the series, that show the McCallister boys’ teenage years. The totally dreamy Matt Long played the teen Jack character while the now-famous Logan Lerman played teenage Bobby and he was SO cute. In addition to the leads being super cute, the guest stars that appeared on the show were equally as hot. Seriously, Bradley Cooper was on the show. Need we say more? See what other stars were featured on the show before making it big below.