20 It Movie ‘Pennywise the Clown’ Memes That’ll Give You Nightmares

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The first It movie, which was based on Stephen King‘s 1986 novel with the same name, came out in 1990. The most recent film adaptation of the horror classic hit theaters this month, 27 years later. This would usually be nothing of interest, except for the fact that Pennywise the Clown comes out and terrorizes Derry every 27 frickin’ years. GAHHHHH!

Basically, everything about the new It movie is scary, and that includes the memes that came from the film. Sure, seeing a clown hiding in a sewer and offering people free Jacob Sartorius tickets may seem funny at first, but it’s really the context that gives us goosebumps every. single. time. PENNYWISE IS FREAKY AS HECK, Y’ALL!

1. A different kind of movie.

2. It wasn’t an amicable split.

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3. Jacob Sartorius fans be like:

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5. Do you know how expensive blayage is?


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7. GTG!

8. Too far.

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9. Savage.

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10. *covers eyes*

11. Say no to drugs, kids.

12. Old habits die hard.


14. 10/10 would see:

15. Everything we’ve ever wanted:

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16. True.

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17. Never forget Flashback Mary.

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18. Not cool.

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19. My how things have changed.

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