6 It Movie Casting Secrets That’ll Freak You Out as Much as the Film

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Stephen King may have written It all the way back in 1986, but that doesn’t mean our obsession with creepy clowns has faded one bit. Until this year, Pennywise hadn’t shapeshifted into a terrifying gutter monster since the 1990 miniseries premiered on ABC, but that didn’t mean we forgot about him. The clown’s a pop culture icon — just look at all the products and memes that have come out of the iconic character!

So while you’re probably familiar with Pennywise and the whole It movie phenomenon, we’re gonna fill you in anyway. He’s a shape-shifting demon who can transform himself into someone’s very worst fears, which is exactly what he does to terrorize the children in Derry, Maine. The movie focuses on his attempts to kill the members of the Loser Club — and then catches up with them all years and years later when they return to Derry as adults to fight Pennywise again. Sounds like the perfect date night flick, right? Which is why everyone freaked out when a remake was released in early September.

It wasn’t just the creepy clown, the special effects, or the all-star cast that had us all flooding the movie theaters when it hit theaters — even though we’ll admit that getting to see Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard on the big screen was a treat. The best part about this freaky film was the way it could make an audience laugh out loud, tear up, and have a minor freak-out, all in one two-hour experience. But even though It was box office hit in 2017, development first started in 2009, which means a lot changed over the course of production. We’ve rounded up a bunch of casting secrets from this flick because — spoiler alert! — it could have been very different.