15 Places in Israel You Need to Tel(l) Aviv and All of Your Friends About

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Israel Travel Guide


Shalom, ladies and gents! If you’ve ever been to Israel, you can 100% vouch for how beautiful of a country it is. But before we ever experienced the Middle Eastern country for ourselves, we totally didn’t understand the hype. After all, it’s all desert, right? WRONG!

After visiting the country for ourselves (which is BARELY larger than the state of New Jersey, BTW), we learned that there is so much to see, so much to learn and loads of hummus to eat! And, if you’re eligible for a Birthright trip, you can spend 10 days touring the country FOR FREE with a bunch of other young people!

Whether you’re planning on hitting up the Holy Land with a tour group, with your family or with a small group of friends, the truth of the matter is that there are some things you simply can’t miss! Ready for all of the must-see places you’ve gotta check out when you get to Israel? YALLA! (It means “let’s go.”)