“Confusing” Relationship Update for One of Your Favorite Nickelodeon Couples

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Ever since Isabela Moner and Jace Normam started dating last spring, fans of the Nickelodeon couple have been super emotionally invested in their relationship. While the 16-year-old was initially hesitant to go public with their romance, he eventually got over it and the pair was ALLLLLL about social-media PDA. Fans recently noticed, however, that the teenagers haven’t been (publicly) hanging out as much as they once did, and the lack of Instagram pics is making them anxious.

When the 15-year-old stopped by the Teen.com office to talk about her new film, Legends of the Hidden Temple: The Movie, we had to get an update on her status with Jace (we’re still pretty confused, TBH), her upcoming movies and tons more!

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“Right now we’re still friends and stuff, but as you know, we’re both working actors,” she said. “I’m here right now, he’s in LA, so with traveling a lot it’s been kind of hard. But we’re still friends and we care about each other and lot and we hang out, but it’s been really difficult with my acting and his schedule.”

The 100 Things to Do Before High School actress also mentioned that dealing with a relationship in the public eye can make things even more difficult.

“It makes me want to control what I put out there but I want to stay true to who I am. So I’m trying to find a balance between the two and trying to stay honest with my fans and everything. Sometimes it’s really confusing, too. My life is confusing to me and I’m like, ‘How am I supposed to tell people what’s going on when I am confused?’ So, it’s hard.”

That’s got to be tough, but Isabela probably doesn’t have too much time to dwell on it considering how many other projects she’s working on. Not only is she promoting her new Nickelodeon movie set to come out on November 26, but she also recently wrapped filming the next Transformers flick AND has been working on some new music, too!

“[With music] I always try to go the route more so of finding happiness within yourself rather than finding it with others, because that’s really what it comes down to at the end of the day is, ‘Are you happy with yourself?’ So my music is mostly uplifting rather than about breakups and stuff.”

Staying positive NMW — now that’s a mantra we can get behind!

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