Whoa! Is Justin Bieber Wearing Makeup?

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Justin Bieber‘s new magazine cover gives a whole new meaning to “pretty boy”! Looking exceptionally, um, girly on Brazilian mag Todateen Star‘s cover, Jbiebs looks like he’s wearing eyeliner, lipstick and blush! We don’t know about you, but we much prefer the Biebs in all his natural glory.

So, is Justin wearing makeup or not? Well, according to sources…

…the Biebs’ cover photo wasn’t retouched to make him look like he was wearing makeup. In a statement issued by the mag to Huffington Post:

“We could not help noticing your comments and tweets from the picture of Justin on the cover of Star Todateen. We would like to say that there was no change made in the area of the singer’s eyes. We had a technical problem that darkens certain areas of the photo. We also want to say that all of us find Justin very naturally beautiful. We’d never think it’s necessary to alter pictures of him. Natural beauty says it all, right?”

We highly doubt that Justin would put makeup on himself (why would he cover up that perfect little face of his?!), so something‘s kinda fishy! Do you think the mag retouched Biebs’ face with makeup? Tell us below!