10 iPhone-Charging Hacks That Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier

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Odds are good that if you’ve got an iPhone, you’re all about the cases. Whether you’re making them yourself with these helpful DIY hacks or scouring the Internet for your new fave, maybe it’s time you take a step back and get a new phone focus. When was the last time you gave any thought to your charging station?

That’s right. You know what’s just as bad as a naked iPhone? A cluttered bunch of cords tangled up on your counter or an old dock that’s got about as much personality as a rock. So scroll on down this list and see which DIY projects you’re gonna take on this weekend. Most of the crafts won’t require a trip to the store since you’ve probs already got the materials in your house. Score! (We’ll warn you, one does require polishing off an entire jar of Nutella. Up to challenge?)

You’ll be way ahead of the curve if you start upping your charging game while everyone else is still obsessing over cute cases, trust us. Your friends won’t know what hit them!

1. Charging all your devices has literally never been easier — or cuter.

2. Steal your little brother’s Legos to make this super cool dock. (We won’t tell!)

3. No-sew charging bag? No problem!

4. If you aren’t doing this with your charger, you’re doing it wrong.

5. Charging your phone has never been cuter than with a hollowed-out book.

6. Reusing an old Nutella jar is a sweet way to fuel up, you’ve gotta admit.

7. Make a portable power-up with these household items.

8. Donut tell us you aren’t into this puffy-painted charging stand.

9. Put your friendship bracelet skills to good use and cute-ify that cord with some colorful string.

10. Calling all book lovers! Don’t miss out on this adorable DIY book charger.