10 Things You Stress About Before Having New Friends Over

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The absolute best thing about having best friends is that you’re able to let your guard down and stop being self-conscious about most things. Is your hair comparable to a troll doll? Who cares. Feel a burp and a fart coming on simultaneously? Go for it, if you want to.

But those luxuries don’t exist when you’re dealing with a new friend ’cause, like a new BF, you’re still sort of impressing one another. Which is why having them over to your house for the first time is freaking stressful! You could probably look around your room right now and find a host of things you’d change if you were expecting unfamiliar friends over. But we’ll save you the energy and present you with this list of things that everyone stresses over in that situation:

1. The cleanliness of your place. You want it to be clean enough that they don’t feel like they’re hanging out in the back of a garbage truck, but not so clean that they are afraid to touch anything.

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2. Whether or not you have toilet paper. And whether or not they’ll judge you for the way that you put your roll onto the holder.

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3. If your pet will like your friend. It really is up in the air.

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4. What your “individual house smell” is. You’ll never be able to smell it, but what if that smell is cheese curds???

5. Having food or snacks to offer. Because a hungry guest will never be a happy guest.

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6. Finding a way to entertain them. “Do you want to watch TV? Do you want to watch me watching TV? What do you want to do?!?!”

7. That they might open your junk drawer/closet. And the contents of the universe will topple down onto them.

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8. That they’ll laugh at your embarrassing childhood photos. Why did your mom give you that homemade bowl cut that one time?!

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9. That they’ll try to convince you to have a party that your parents strictly forbade. It’s a less frequent worry, but we watch a lot of movies, so it’s a worry nonetheless.

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10. That they’ll move around stuff that you hate being moved. “Whyyy did you need to move around all of those perfumes to get hand lotion? Do you want me to start crying??”

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