10 Interracial Couples That Were Proudly Featured on Glee

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It’s a known fact that Glee was one of Fox’s best shows, once upon a time. There were so many beloved characters and actors that came out of the dramedy. Plus, the fanbase was so strong and supportive. No wonder it lasted six seasons! There was even a spin-off called The Glee Project, which is how Blake Jenner got cast as Ryder Lynn. But Glee was so much more than a great series about singing high schoolers…

The television series knew how to push boundaries. From showcasing LGBTQ+ characters and relationships to just having a show about a glee club, the Lea Michele-led phenomenon was everything. There were even quite a few notable interracial couples, which we LOVED. Glee may have ended in 2015, but it holds a large piece of our hearts. Maybe we can get a reunion soon! In the meantime, check out all of the major interracial couples on Glee: