8 Internet Meme-Inspired Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Combos

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Admit it — you didn’t like Facebook Timeline at first. Back then, it was like, “WTF is a cover photo?” “What am I going to do with this new font?” “Why is it so simple for people to stalk me?” But now that Timeline’s been around for over a year, everyone’s kinda gotten used to it, and some peeps are doing pretty LOL-worthy things, especially when it comes to Internet memes

It seems like PSY has got a fascination with… yoga. Glad we’ve got that covered. (Ha! Lame pun.)

Know Your Meme

Strutting Leo struts through Facebook inception. META.


This is a two-for-one deal. You Dun Goofed and Botched Homo Ecce Painting, all in one Facebook profile!

Tumblr (zuckerart)

Mean Girls, FTW.

Tumblr (b-ellsario)

Rage Comic-ing against FB Timeline: classic.

Tumblr (astoriaedition)

Run from the dinosaur, Chubby Bubbles Girl! Run!


Real-life Nyan Cat may be dead, but it’s meme legacy lives on. High fives all around, yo.

Tumblr (@suecifer)

Wise words to live by. An inspiration for us all.


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