Happy International Jonas Brothers Day! 10 Reasons We Appreciate the JoBros

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Happy International Jonas Brothers Day, Love Bugs! (It was made up years ago. Google it.) The Twitter world’s helping spread the joy of JB Day with the trending topic of “Happy Jonas Day,” so we thought we’d hop on the bandwagon in our own way by announcing 10 reasons why we appreciate Nick, Joe and Kevin. We know what you’re thinking: “WHAT?! Only ten reasons??” But we promise they’re good!

1. The give us good TV. (RIP Jonas L.A.) Hello, Married to Jonas E! reality series!

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2. They’re loyal. Well, at least Kevin is… (We’ll see what happens with Nick & Joe.)


3. They’re stylish. From spiffy blazers to colored pants, matching shoes to slicked back hair, these guys never go wrong on the red carpet.


4. They’re super-attractive. Just look at those smiles!


5. They have a sense of humor. Remember Nick on CBS’ I Get That A Lot prank show?


6. They’re family-oriented. After all, they are the Jonas Brothers.


7. They have many talents. Have you seen Nicky sing and dance on Broadway?!


8. Oh, and they’re athletic. Kevin playing baseball = HOT!


9. They give us juicy headlines. How often does Joe have a new GF? And they’re always famous gorg!


10. Most importantly… the music! As @RadiantJonas so elegantly puts it, “7 years. 100+ songs. 5 albums. 42+ awards. 10 million+ albums sold. 36+ Gold and Platinum Certifications. Millions of fans. Happy Jonas Day”


What are the reasons you appreciate the Jonas Brothers? Do you have a favorite of the three?

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