This New ‘Instagram vs. Real Life’ Makeup Trend Has Us SHOOK

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Wow, y’all! It seems like it’s been quite a while since we’ve been shook to the core over a viral beauty trend, but alas, the day has arrived once again. This time, the latest trend has been inspired by our all-time favorite social media platform, A.K.A. Instagram, and we seriously can’t look away!

The new beauty trend involves creating a super glam makeup look on only one part of your face and outlining it with an Instagram frame. Of course, it sounds way easier than it actually is, but if you’re gifted when it comes to makeup, you should probably give it a try. We mean, just look at how amazing this look by beauty guru James Charles is!

We told you it’s awesome! Not only is it unique, but it’s also super meta, and TBH, our brains are having some trouble keeping up with our eyes.

INSTAGRAM VS. REAL LIFE? – everything is drawn by hand, except my instagram handle and icon (i used the 'photoshop mix' free app) @abbyrobertsartistry @nickaylahiler – PSA: nothing is what it seems, so don't beat yourself up over what you see on instagram. you're all beautiful? – @wunder2cosmetics wunderbrow in light brown @mywunderbrow @jeffreestarcosmetics thirsty palette @morphebrushes 35B palette @tartecosmetics clay pot in margarita @nyxcosmetics_bg matte liquid liner, white liquid liner + jumbo eye pencil in milk @nyxcosmetics @dodolashes D115 (code 'slavina' at checkout for ? off) – @100daysofmakeup @atarahmayhew @makeupforbarbies @underratedmakeupbabes @undiscoveredmakeupart @makeupartists.worldwide @muasfeaturing @makeupfleekkk @hudabeauty

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While some people chose to only do their glam makeup over one eye, others opted to make the frame a bit bigger, to cover most — but not all — of their face. See?

Clearly, there’s a variety of different ways you can go about this look, and while we’re pretty obsessed with it, we have to admit that our favorite part about it is that it recognizes the fact that what people see on social media isn’t always what’s happening IRL.

So, what are you waiting for? We think it’s time for you to create your own ‘Instagram v. Real Life’ makeup look. Wouldn’t you agree?!