How to Tell if Your Friends Lie About Their #NoFilter Instagram Pictures

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Want to order pizza at 3am? There’s an app for that. Want to know what you could possibly look like in 50 years? There’s an app for that, too. How about an app where you can secretly filter your photos, but pretend like they are totally natural and you’re just the best photographer ever? Sorry, folks, but the amount of apps for that are decreasing.

Courtesy of Filter Fakers, you’re now able to tell when your friends on Instagram are properly using the #nofilter hashtag. Because, according to the site, “with over 40 million photos uploaded on Instagram daily, there are obviously quite a few cheaters out there.” Here’s what you need to do: Simply plug in the URL of the #nofilter claim, and it’ll call out the culprit:

Instagram #NoFilter Fakers

And then it’ll reveal exactly which filter was used in the process:

Filter Fakers

Filter Fakers

The one way you can keep altering your pics but still tag ’em as #nofilter and get away with it is by using another filter app before plugging the shot into Instagram. But honestly, is it worth it? No one will think you’re any cooler (or prettier, in most cases of selfies) for filtering/not filtering your photo. Just some food for thought.

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