16 Inspiring Makeup Vloggers Who Will Change the Way You Think About Beauty

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By now, it’s no secret that YouTube beauty vloggers have changed the beauty industry. In the last few years, vloggers have built up incredibly impressive followings that have allowed the most popular ones to make hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars in endorsements, advertisements and appearances. Videos that simply show young women doing their makeup into a camera lens and giving some instructions on how to do it at home have transformed the way we look at the makeup world in general, which is pretty amazing! And because beauty vloggers often get surprisingly honest about certain issues (like anxiety, depression, sexuality, etc.), they pull readers in with inspiring messages. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but one thing is for sure: some beauty vloggers are a little more inspiring than others.

While it’s fun to watch gorgeous vloggers show us how to do flawless makeup and hairstyles, it’s also a little bit disheartening. These young women are beautiful — in a very conventional way. They have great hair, smooth skin, nice eyes, a Hollywood-approved weight, and sparkly smiles. And, of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m not shaming them for being hot by society’s standards. More power to ’em! I mean, I can’t go a day without checking Samantha Ravndahl’s Instagram or lusting after Sazan Hendrix’s dream life or wishing I had Jaleesa Moses’ hair. But sometimes, it’s nice to see vloggers who represent the mostly unrepresented groups of women out there — it’s inspiring.

Make no mistake — there are plenty of options for unconventional beauty vloggers on YouTube! There are tons that I’ve probably never even watched yet. But, for now, this list shows some of the most inspirational vloggers out there who are changing the way we think about beauty. They might not look like a cookie-cutter vlogger, or the supermodels you see in magazines, but they have important stories to tell, and they are ridiculously talented. Start watching them now, if you haven’t already!

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