Inspirational Songs for 2012 That Will, Well, Inspire You to Do A Bunch of Different Things

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2012. It’s…here? Which means two things: 1. The world’s going to end this year. OR (More likely) you need a little inspiration to kick start the new year. Which is why we assembled these 10 tracks to inspire the pants off of ya!

1. One Republic – “Good Life”: Even when you’re down, this is one of those songs that reminds you just how good life really is. So stop complaining, get out there and live it!

2. Kelly Clarkson – “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”: Maybe you broke up with your boyf on Christmas. Yeah, this is some inspiration to get over that loser.

3. Alexandra Stan – “Mr. Saxobeat”:  This song will inspire your feet to get up and dance even if you’ve got no moves.

4. Sugababes – “Ugly”: That mean girl in school who says nasty things for no reason? Yeah, this song will teach you to always be the bigger person.

5. Demi Lovato – “Skyscraper”: Must we say anything more? <3

6. Glee Cast – “Pretty/Unpretty”: This song is perfect for those days when you wake up for school and you’re not really feeling what’s looking backatchya in the mirror. Been there, done that.

7. Katy Perry – “Firework”: Pick-me-up song of the century. Let this jam inspire you to chase your dreams this year.

8. Blu Cantrell – “Hit ‘Em Up Style”: A super early ’00s reminder of why it’s always fun to get just a little bit of revenge on your ex. You should totally do the same. (Also, this video is just too good.)

9. Jessie J – “Domino”: Not sure if you’re ready to fall back in love? Just click play and let Jessie’s voice do the rest.

10. Flo Rida – “Good Feeling”: It’s kinda just one of those feel-good songs you’ll be itching to turn on when you’re cruising around town with your BFFs.

What songs do you find inspirational? What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2012? Share your playlist of inspirational songs and thoughts it in the comments!