You Already Know a YouTuber’s New Bae… as Kristen Stewart’s Best Friend!

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It was less than two weeks ago that Ingrid Nilsen, better known as MissGlamorazzi on YouTube, admitted that she does, in fact, have a new girlfriend, but wouldn’t give her million of subscribers much more information than that.

She explained, “Our relationship is something that is very special to both of us and at this point, we prefer to keep things private. You may see my girlfriend pop up in a photo or maybe on Snapchat but she’s not going to be making any appearances in my videos. She is amazing and she totally supports and loves what I do, but she’s just not comfortable with being on camera since this is not her world. She supports me from behind the scenes and it’s just been really awesome to have the time to get to know each other and build our relationship.”

And that’s all she said. The 27-year-old lesbian YouTuber didn’t give a name, a description, or virtually anything else that would allow fans to figure out who her new bae’s identity. But as usual, that didn’t stop ’em from putting the puzzle pieces together and discovering that Ingrid is most likely in a relationship with Kristen Stewart‘s BFF, Alannah Campion!

You can find whispers of the pair being together starting way back in September, but the photographer just recently posted a shot of Ingrid at the Los Angeles Women’s March last weekend, and the LGBTQ+ activist called Alannah her “bae” on Snapchat recently, too.

Ingrid is obviously super happy right now, and that’s all that matters.

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