One of These Gay YouTube Pairs Finally Confirmed Their Relationship

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Ever since Ingrid Nilsen and Hannah Hart announced their breakup in March, fans have basically been begging them to get back together. But while nothing is ever impossible, it seems like Hangrid shippers are going to have to wait a little bit longer because the 27-year-old just confirmed she’s in a relationship with someone new.

Many people speculated that the YouTube star was dating Jules Kutner ever since they started posting pictures of their adorable adventures together about a month ago, and the beauty guru put all rumors to rest with a single Instagram photo showing the pair locked in a romantic kiss. “Best chances 2016,” she wrote.

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The news of Ingrid and Jules’ relationship comes exactly one year since the brunette beauty first came out as lesbian on her YouTube channel.

Although the YT star didn’t officially confirm her new romance until yesterday, she’s been dropping hints for quite some time. In addition to constantly showing Jules in her Snapchat videos lately, Ingrid also has been posting some ~interesting~ tweets.

We wish Jules and Ingrid nothing but happiness! As the YouTuber said, everyone deserves their best chance.


Ingrid’s not the only lesbian celebrity who dated a guy before she came out: