People Think Gucci’s New Chunky Sneakers Look Like the Infinity Stones

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Chunky sneakers are one of the hottest fashion trends this year, and even though some people are obsessed with them while others are confused AF over the look, luxury shoe brands continue to roll out new designs (even if they are an acquired taste).

Unsurprisingly, Gucci was one of the luxury brands that took on the challenge of trying to make the chunky sneakers a little more, well, fashionable. And while the jury’s still out regarding whether they’re cool or the ugliest sneakers we’ve ever seen, the people of the Interwebz were completely shooketh when the brand gave the sneakers the Avengers: Infinity War treatment by adding loads of jewels. Check ’em out:

Infinity Stones Gucci Sneakers


Although we can’t imagine rocking these kicks ourselves, we do have to admit that the jewels look a whole lot like the infinity stones from the Marvel flicks! Despite the resemblance, though, the design was actually not inspired by the infinity stones at all. Hmm… interesting!

In case you’re still interested in purchasing a pair of these bad boys for yourself, it’s unclear when exactly they will be released or how much they’ll cost, but it’s safe to say they’ll cost you a pretty penny (we mean… they’re Gucci). The good news, however, is that the shoes come in six different color schemes, so there are plenty of options to choose from. Good to know!