Shailene Woodley’s Actually Connected to the New Sleeping Beauty Flick!

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The status of Emma Watson‘s connection to either of the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast movies is not yet confirmed (though, as of right now, she’s not signed on for either). The status of Shailene Woodley‘s connection to another upcoming live-action fairy tale, however, is confirmed… ish.

While the 22-year-old Divergent/The Fault in Our Stars actress is not attached to The Curse of Sleeping Beauty herself, her on-screen sister of five years (on The Secret Life of the American Teenager), India Eisley, is tapped to play the female lead. (See? Connection!)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 20-year-old actress is in final talks to star in the indie film, based on the Brothers Grimm classic, but with a dark, modern twist. Director Pearry Teo says, “When working on creating this specific vision of Sleeping Beauty, it’s always been my intention to try something that’s never been seen before. We’re drawing on varied things like Silent Hill, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Cell and Insidious for inspiration, but we are creating something that will be very unique, both visually and in terms of storytelling.”

Considering India’s past role in Underworld: Awakening, we have no doubts that she’ll be able to pull of the darker version of the fairy tale.

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