6 Fan Theories About Incredibles 2 That Will Leave You SHOOKETH

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fan theories about Incredibles 2

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After years of begging and lots of crying, fans are gearing up to be graced with the spectacle that is Incredibles 2 on June 15. The sequel is highly anticipated after the first film premiered 14 years ago (can you even believe it?!) and, understandably, we’re SHOOK! Who will the new villain be? Will Edna’s fashion still be on point? Will Frozone ever find his super suit!? We need to know!

Clearly, we have a lot of questions, as do all Incredibles fans. With the sequel’s release only a mere few days away, the Internet is flooded with fan theories that will absolutely blow your mind. We went ahead and compiled the best (and most possible) ideas that could be played out on the big screen once the Incredibles 2 premieres. Check ’em out before you see the flick and decide for yourself what you think will happen!