12 Times the Internet Made Pokemon Even More Dirty Than it is Already

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We love Pokemon just as much as the next person, but when you sit down to think about it — the show is actually pretty effed up. Between the bad lessons it teaches its viewers and the incredibly dirty jokes it gets away with on the regular, we think it’s pretty safe to say the cartoon isn’t as family friendly as you once thought.

To sum it up, Pokemon is pretty effing inappropriate; so it’s no wonder why the Internet has rolled with this fun fact! Case and point? The following dirty AF memes:

1. TV magic, perhaps?

2. Pool Bulbasaur!

3. Yeah, but…she’s a Trainer!

4. When Ash uses Pokemon for the wrong reasons:

5. What…the…heck!?

6. NOOOO! *covers eyes*

7. It was SUPPOSED to be an innocent hug, but…

8. Welp, we all have our thing!

9. Annnd some people have more than one!



10. Find the lie.

11. They really couldn’t think of any other names?!

12. OR NOT!

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