18 Inappropriate Posts About Harry Potter That Will Make You LOL

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Like most people, the only thing that I have really been able to think about today is my nemesis, Harry Styles. I say “nemesis” here because, as I am sure you already know, he released his new post-apocalyptic song, “Sign of the Times,” recently. It has sent me into something of a metaphysical tailspin, meaning that the only thing I have been able to think about is Harry Styles.

I am sure you can relate. But enough of that! The real matter at hand today is that all of this Harry Discourse has made me think of the other Harry. You know, Potter. Harry Potter. It should be noted that this particular Harry (Potter) is fictional, while the other Harry (Styles) is allegedly real. Still, to that I would counter: Is Harry Styles actually real? Based on my own personal, constant hallucinations of the man, I would say no. Anyway. If you need a distraction from the aches and pains of the world around you, check out these inappropriate posts about Harry Potter (not Styles! Though, you know, it’s available) that will almost certainly make you laugh out loud:

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