21 Inappropriate Harry Potter Memes You’ll Never be Able to Unsee

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Harry Potter fans take their fandom verrrry seriously, so don’t be making any knocks at Harry, Ron and Hermione while in their presence. But, trying to resist laughing at some of these dirty jokes is like trying to stifle a laugh when you’re in middle school and your old-as-a-fossil health teacher starts the lesson on sex-ed — impossible. Haters and fanatics alike will literally be laughing until they cannot breathe from these 21 inappropriate Harry Potter memes:

1. The proof is in the pudding.

2. Nailed it!

3. Kids, don’t try this at home.



4. Always Feminine Products’ celebrity spokesperson:



5. While we’re on the topic…

6. Wow what a D move, Harry (pun intended).

7. All that fame finally got to his head.

8. Speaking of size…

9. Way to make things real awkward, Harry.

10. Oh snap(e)!

11. It doesn’t end there!

12. But, Harry def takes the cake wit this “Your Mom” joke.

13. Sorry, Madam Hooch, but you walked right into this one!

14. Now that’s an interesting assumption.

15. Ooops.

16. OH.

17. Ron being creepy AF:

18. No wonder why they didn’t question anything!

19. OMG!



20. Too far?

21. Andddd that just happened.

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