21 of the Dirtiest Aladdin Memes You’ll Wish You Never Saw

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If our Cinderella jokes had you so torn you couldn’t decide whether to laugh hysterically or rock back and forth in the fetal position, get ready to be equally — if not more — conflicted. When we were little, innocent kids, Aladdin was merely a heartfelt and enchanted love story. Now, not so much.

All were sayin’ is, after scrolling through all the jaw-dropping jokes below — like, did they really just go there?! — you’ll NEVER be able to listen to “A Whole New World” the same again. You’re welcome?

1. As if being a thief wasn’t bad enough!

2. Is this really necessary???

3. Whaaaaat?!

Know Your Meme

Know Your Meme

4. Welp, there it is.

5. Gross.

6. Aladdin’s real intentions are now clear:

7. The PG-13 edition:

8. That is no way to win over a girl!

9. Pervs!

10. Please get another pickup line.

11. This isn’t any better!

12. These lyrics were more suggestive than we originally thought.



13.Not okay!

14. Will never be able to sing-along EVER again.

15. Buddy, take it down a notch. Literally.

16. Can he be anymore blunt?



17. Shield our eyes!!!

18. This is not a joking matter!

19. You can say that again.

20. We so did not need this visual.



21. Yup, this about sums it all up:

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